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Wanna kill bad people ?

You play as Cybel the elevator witch. You only do one thing when the elevator stops : KILL EVERYONE.

Be nice or she’ll come for you...


Cybel is a fast paced topdown shooter with a rewind mechanic. Be quick on your feet or you’ll be sent back in time a few seconds. Every time you die you consume a dose. Get rid of everyone before you run out of dose!

Your objective is simple : kill everyone and get to the next floor. Reach the top of the tower and rid the city of this tyranny.

For a better experience, use a controller

PS : the game is in early access. Send us your feedback HERE



Game created by Alexandre & Léo 

Code by : Léo Baillargeat

Art by : Alexandre Coadou

Music : OST

Thanks to : Garrus and  Sparlock


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Cybel_Beta_0.2_Win.zip 138 MB
Cybel_Beta_0.2_Linux_untested.zip 141 MB
Cybel_Beta_0.2_Mac_untested.zip 138 MB

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I absolutely hate those stun-wand guys, great game

Hope you will hate the new guys we'll introduce soon even more ;), glad you enjoyed the game!


Really great game! it is featured on my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my video

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Thanks that awesome ! Glad to be in your video  :)

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*Сподіваюсь коли гра вийде то буде не менш ніж 100 рівнів.

Дякую, ми постараємось зробити якомога більше ;)

(Дякую і Google Translate)


I really like the dark atmosphere and art direction!

Thanks :) 

yo, spanish keyboards are also qwerty, but it’s giving me azerty controls also, my PS2 controller doesn’t work, no button does anything I use linux, so it might not be your fault directly, but please see if you can fix it

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We didn't do a "Qwerty hotfix" for Linux and macOs yet, but tomorrow's update will fixed that! Most controllers should work, but it's possible that the one you're using is not compatible with the input manager we're using. You can check if it's on this list: https://guavaman.com/projects/rewired/docs/SupportedControllers.html
Sorry for the inconvenient, and thanks for checking the game!



Thanks :)


God damn that was hard but the music was so good I didn't want to rage quit just so I could keep listening to those sick choons!


Glad you liked the music, you can access the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoCX8DEed10ynkpW0DcRjxSJZ90hTr8q0



Thanks !


this game was interesting and fun

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Thanks! stay tuned for our updates :)

I will


Hi, I made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback with you that hopefully helps with the development of the game :)

-The main idea is quite awesome and works quite well.

-The visual style is quite good and I really loved it, but adding some extra on screen effects, polishing some things here and there to make some parts of the level feel more "alive" would be great.

-The main mechanics are really well thought, but I got some strange problems with the controls so I haven't been able to enjoy them completly. I don't now why, but AWSD didn't worked correctly as those keys where badly assigned in the controls, intead I ended up using the arrow keys as they worked well, but that made the game experience a little bit unconfortable and when I got hit I had to move between "space bar" and "arrow keys" causing the death again and again in situations when the rewind leaves you in a hard situation.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hi! Thank you very much for your feedback. The keybind problem comes from an oversight on our part, (eng keyboards are"QWERTY" while french keyboards are "AZERTY"). I'll try to fix that in the next update. We're really glad you persevered through the game despite that, and that you like the style and idea - it lacks polish for now but stay tuned for our updates !


Great :D Good luck with the development :)


This game is undoubtedly very good. He's as much fun as he is challenging. And look, it's just the beta version. I can't wait for the full version. Ah yes, the soundtrack is incredible and blends well with the frantic atmosphere of the game. Amazing, just amazing!


Thank you so much for your kind comment! this is very motivating, your video is awesome as well as your article. Stay tuned for our updates :D!

freezes on grey screen

Hi, if you have more detail about this bug, please send us an email at cybelthegame@gmail.com


Awsome visual design

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No you are awesome !

AHAHAHAHAH, no, shut up